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For the past year I’ve called Paris my home.  I’ve made friends, found my favorite markets, and favorite pastries.  I know the streets and I can —just— squeak by with the language.  I’ve gone to school and I’ve worked.  I’ve even found my favorite pizza place.

Home is such a complex idea, because it’s so much more than where we live.  I’ve loved coming home to my little apartment in the Marais, and yet, all year I’ve felt a little pang of something missing.  Elise and I would talk about this often and I think I’ve finally put my finger on it.  That something missing is home!  My home in Boston… and everyone and everything that comes with it.

So as I stuff my bags with my Paris belongings, while at the same time stuffing my face with croissants… I feel ready to say goodbye to living in beautiful Paris.  There’s no doubt I will miss the smell of bread baking, the impeccably dressed little French children, the old ladies riding bikes, and the men zooming down the street on their scooters while a cigarette dangles from their lips.  I think “c’est pas possible” and “voila” will become permanent additions to my vocabulary.  Paris will always be close to my heart.

So to celebrate this amazing year, I’ve made a little video.  Please sing along with me as I bid adieu to this lovely city…

Au revoir, Paris!


As many of you know, before I left for Paris I became obsessed with HGTV’s “House Hunters International.”  So to indulge everyone who’s also a fan of the show, I thought I’d dedicate this post to my Parisian apartment.

I live on the street, Quai des Celestins.  I believe celestins means celestial or heavenly, which is appropriate because in many ways everything I’ve done to get here feels lucky and in some ways, destined. So far, everything has fallen into place beautifully – knock on wood. And by wood, I mean old, Parisian wooden beams.  Here are some pictures of my charming new apartment:

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