Before I left for Paris my Aunt Ginny gave me this charming, pink business card holder… All year, as I ate lunch, dinner, dessert, etc.  I collected business cards from each and every restaurant and stowed them away.  Today I’m pulling all of them out so you can prep for your next trip.

Here’s a list of all my favorites from my year in Paris… (please note that these are from 2012.  You can stay current by reading Paris By Mouth,

Top 5 Dining Experiences:

1.  Pierre Sang Boyer (55 Rue Oberkampf, 11th): Show up a few minutes before 7pm (no reservations accepted) and sit at the bar to watch Pierre and his team work their magic.  Sign up for the wine pairings.  The sommelier is genius.  (

2.  Frenchie (5-6 Rue Du Nil, 2nd):  I booked online and then ate the most mouth-watering duck ever.  Worth the wait! (

3.  Spring (6 Rue Bailleul, 1st):  With a seasonal menu, you just sit back and let them serve you.  The chef, Daniel Rose, is un americain, but the food is authentically French. Perfect for a special occasion!  (

4.  Le Royal Monceau (37 Avenue Hoche, 8th):  Go for Sunday brunch and lounge for hours.  The food is impeccably displayed.  The location is modern and luxurious.  The service is tops and the food is delicious. (

5. Bofinger (5-7 Rue de la Bastille, 4th): If you want a traditional French brasserie where tuxedo-clad waiters will reluctantly serve you, then go to this restaurant which has been around since 1864.  The crowd is lively- expect to make friends with fellow diners.  (

Top for pizza:

Al Taglio (27, rue de Saintonge, 3rd +): Potato, truffle cream on foccaccia.  Need I say more?  (

Top for Thai:

Tamarind (33, Rue Francois Miron, 4th): Delicious Thai-French meals for when you just can’t eat another plate of steak frites.

Top 4 for a casual lunch:

1.  L’Epi Malin (4 Rue Dupin, 6th):  L’Epi Dupin’s little sister is the perfect addition to spending a day of shopping at Le Bon Marche. (

2.  L’Heure Gourmande (22, Passage Dauphine, 6th): Spend a delightful afternoon over tea and crepes at this hidden treasure.

3.  Mamie Gateaux (66, Rue Du Cherche-Midi, 6th): Step into this little tea salon and step back in time.  The menu is small, but the quiches and cakes are hearty and comforting.  (

4. Cafe St. Regis (6, Rue Jean Du Bellay, 4th):  After surveying Paris from above at nearby Notre Dame, enjoy a simple meal at the Cafe St. Regis where the service is especially kind to bumbling tourists. (

Top for pastry/chocolate (the short list):

1. Jacques Genin: The truth is that Jacques Genin is at the top of my list for chocolates, eclairs and pate de fruit.  However, I recently found out that he closed his Marais salon.  Stay tuned as I investigate where you can go to taste his amazing sweets.

2.  Pierre Herme (multiple locations):  It would be an absolute shame if you go to Paris and don’t try the Infinimente Vanille.  It will blow your mind. (

3. Sadaharu Aoki (multiple locations):  One of the first desserts I ate when I landed in Paris was his tarte citron.  It still stands out as my favorite of the whole year. I was also reminded of how delicious, simple and beautiful his macarons are when my good friend gave me a package for my birthday.  (

4. Laduree (multiple locations):  After taste testing many caramel macarons my sister and I decided that Laduree’s are the best. (

5.  Angelina (multiple locations):  If, like me, you enjoy drinking your chocolate then go to Angelina.  It will be like introducing your taste buds to hot cocoa for the very first time. (

6.  Patrick Roger (multiple locations): Stop by his window to admire his chocolate sculptures then open the door and pick some to take home. (

Top baguette:

Eric Kayser (multiple locations):  I would go out of my way to pick up one of his perfect, pointy-tipped baguettes. (

This list could go on and on.  But if you have any questions or would like more ideas, please just be in touch!