I’ve noticed that something visceral happens in the moment when I’m about to smear butter onto a muffin, a piece of bread, a croissant…  it’s a moment of pure giddiness!  For me there’s nothing better than the simple pleasure of butter, or as the French call it:  buerre.

My friend Marcy says it with an exaggerated R- so it becomes buerrrrrre.  Even when you say it, you have to relish the moment.

When I was in Paris I would buy butter at the Monoprix, Le Gran Epicerie and at the market on Sundays.  I carefully examined the different kinds of butter we used in school.  I even managed to smuggle some Buerre Bordier  ( into my suitcase on my trip home.

But unfortunately that Bordier butter didn’t last much longer than Christmas.  In my first trip to Whole Foods, I approached the butter section full of hope.  Surely, they would have good butter.  I made a beeline straight for the dairy section. And when I arrived, I stared at the meager selection and heaved a big, despondent sigh. I didn’t see what I was looking for… But then, as I meandered over to the cheese section, THERE it was!


Nestled amidst the cheeses and some other formidable American butters, was one of my favorite French brands: Buerre D’Isigny! I nearly jumped for joy!


Now, some of you may be shaking your heads and wondering: what’s so special about French butter?  Well, it all comes down to the fat content.  Typical American butters usually have about 80% fat content, whereas French butters start at 82%.  That 2% accounts for a huge difference in taste and texture.


I’ve been baking with it ever since. And I encourage you to give it a try– see if you can tell the difference.  Bon appetit!