IMG_0181Bonjour, and hello again, my friends!

Since I last wrote I’ve been settling back in to life in Boston. I’ve moved in to my charming South End apartment, I’ve been visiting with friends and family, and I’ve even been doing a little bit of baking…


Inevitably people ask, “do you miss it?”  And the answer is “yes, I do.” Just today I found a crumpled up metro ticket and I let out a sad sigh. However, I’m finding some of the comforts and beauties of Paris right here in Boston.  Now I’d like to introduce a new chapter in my blog and share these thoughts and ideas with you!

I plan to include where you can find the good French butter, shopping for French items in Boston, living the French lifestyle here, plus I’ll share a few of my favorite recipes.


I’d like to invite you to ask questions and to add your own thoughts.  To begin, there’s one very simple thing the French do every day. They always say hello (“bonjour!”) to everyone they meet during the day.  They acknowledge the presence of  another person as you walk into a shop or see a neighbor walking down the street.  I think sometimes it’s easy to feel alone in any city.  So I’ve tried living with a “la vie est belle” attitude and I say hello to everyone I meet. Slowly this new neighborhood is feeling more like a community to me.

So maybe you can’t escape to Paris this year, but stay tuned…  I’ll share with you a few ideas on how to live “la vie parisienne” wherever you may be…