Erin and Ali popping bubbles at the Archives Nationales

Something magical happens every October in Paris: Nuit Blanche (  It’s an event where cultural institutions stay open all night-long and host different kinds of art installations.  What made this night especially magical for me was that Erin and Ali arrived in Paris just in time to wander the streets and experience everything that Nuit Blanche had to offer.

We entered a swarm of bubbles at the National Archives.  A DJ playing for the entire city at the Pompideau Centre.

We listened to a French marching band playing “Gangsta’s Paradise” on the Seine and then we spotted the fire boat!

A few things struck me about this night:

#1:  This is a city that really revels in every kind of art.  And everyone comes out to celebrate and appreciate it.

#2:  Even though everything was planned at Nuit Blanche it felt really unexpected and spontaneous!  We should all strive to do things like that in our work- to plant the unexpected and then see what happens.

#3:  I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much if I hadn’t been able to spend it with Erin and Ali.

As we walked through the rain seeing what we might stumble upon next, I realized how lucky I am to be in this extraordinary city that has things like a fire boat exploding every few seconds on the Seine.  And I’m even more lucky to have two sisters to enjoy it with.