So… I was thinking…  Actually, I’m always thinking.  My good friend Maggie calls it “being on the wheel.”  Sometimes my thinking is more like daydreaming.  I’m always making up stories in my head.  Other times it’s more about worrying.  Especially these days, I worry a lot.  What will I do when my time in Paris is over?  Do I even want it to end?  Where will I live?  Where will I work?  How will I survive without my daily baguette?

When I got home this evening I saw my friend, Brittany’s, latest blog post titled “I believe” (  In it, she lists all the things she’s sure of, all of the things she believes.  I thought I’d take a page from Brittany’s blog and list all of  the things I believe in. Because, I think, when I see these things written down it will snap me back into the moment and put my wild brain to rest.

I believe...

…in taking risks.  Every risk I’ve taken has been worth it.

…in laughter.  Even when days are tough, a good laugh can rescue the worst mood.

…in innovation.  A bakery for dogs?  Great idea!  No one does it like the good old US of A.  Innovators make the world go round.  They keep things exciting and fresh.

Darby at the Polka Dog Bakery in Boston

…in traveling.  Meeting new people, trying new food, seeing beautiful places.  I think it’s good for your soul.

…in being young at heart.  Too often we get bogged down with grown-up problems.  So why not eat ice cream for dinner every now and then.  Or take a carousel ride!

Leilani and Renye on the carousel in Colmar

…in sharing good food with friends and family. There’s no better way to catch up than over a great meal (including dessert, of course.)

…in enjoying simple things.  Like the beautiful moonrise over Paris rooftops.

…in unicorns.  Hahaha!

…in running.  For me, putting on my sneakers and running always results in a more clear mind.

…in being thankful.  Tonight at dinner Leilani and I both said, “best decision ever.”  Coming to Paris has been both fun and challenging.  But even on the more difficult days, I will never lose sight of the fact that I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.

What do you believe in? (Unicorns, anyone?)