One of the things that I’ve noticed on my walks and metro rides through Paris is that there are a lot of very sad people in this city.  They cry right out in the open, both men and women.  I often find myself wondering, have they just suffered a heartbreak?  Did they lose their job? Or worse, did someone they love die?

Then, on Wednesday, as I was heading home from my internship, with tears in my eyes- it hit me!  They must be new stagiaires in a French kitchen!

All jokes aside, I found myself in their shoes last week.  I was unhappy, my gut was telling me I needed a change.  And on Friday, as I was still feeling sad, I walked out the door and this graffiti reminded me of why I’m here.

I chose to come to Paris to explore another side of my personality.  To play with my adventurous side, to meet new people, and to try baking… for fun!

So I followed my gut and gave my notice at the Plaza.  If I were my 21-year old self I would have stuck it out.  But that’s the beauty of living as my 35-year old self.  I know when something isn’t right.  And I know I have the freedom to change it.

So I called on some members of my support group…

Gui, Brittany and Renye

… to drink wine, eat macarons, and laugh together.

Like young Cosette dreams of a “Castle on a Cloud” I dream of a new internship that’s a good fit for me.  But the best part is knowing that I’m not “On My Own.”