If we were reading about my time here in Paris as if it were a book, this week we would have turned the page, and in big bold print we would see: Part II.

Part I began with moving to Paris, discovering pastries and hidden secrets of my neighborhood.  Then it moved into the school phase where I made some great friends and started to learn more about patisserie.  It culminated with a great trip to Alsace and a week of fun with Betsy.

Part II begins with a decision to move apartments.  I feel lucky to have found a charming place I could consider home for the next few months so quickly.  In order to satisfy fellow fans of House Hunters International, here are a few snapshots of my lovely new studio:

Part II also begins with my introduction to the French kitchen… ooo la la.  My first impressions are that the people are caring and funny… and that the work is hard.  I think this part of the story will lead to even more realizations about my next career move and it will challenge me in ways I can’t even imagine.  So for now, as I flounder around trying to find my way in the kitchen, I’m going to repeat the mantra of one of my favorite childhood books…

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

And with all of these positive thoughts, I know that this story will have a very happy ending.