Sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump.  Not in a “stupid is as stupid does” kind-of-way, but more in a “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” kind-of-way.

Ever since I arrived in Paris I’ve been trying my hardest to stay present in the moment.  This is not the easiest thing pour moi because I’ve spent the last decade trying to control everything- after all, that’s what makes a good producer.  But now I’m trying to float along more (like the symbolic feather in the film) which has led to some very Forrest Gump moments.

Last Friday we worked all day on our chocolat bon bons…

Then, after school Elise, Leilani and I headed to Roland-Garros to check out the French Open.  So we wandered in, looked for a program, couldn’t find one… but managed to see a screen that said a game would be played on court 3 at 7pm.  So we strolled over and entered a big crowd trying to push their way in.  Eventually we managed to squeeze through… and guess who was playing?

Yes, that’s Serena Williams!  Can you even believe it?  We couldn’t have planned it any better.

It’s these unexpected moments and little surprises that help me to float along a little easier and really get a handle on what joie de vivre truly means for me.

And that’s all I have to say about that.