In this city you don’t just find people who make chocolate for a living. You find artists who use chocolate as their medium to create amazing (and delicious) pieces.  The above photo is from Patrick Roger (

Those are gigantic hippopotamuses- he chose them as his subject because they are threatened by extinction.  Using nearly four tons of chocolate it took him nearly a year to create these pieces.  Patrick Roger’s philosophy has been described like this:

“His search for perfection leads to intense, extravagant chocolates with intoxicating fragrances.  His adventurous spirit, the hint of a memory, the refinement of a flavor, the ecstasy of a sensation, life as he experiences it: these are all sources of inspiration for his creations, the names of which evoke the exoticism of travel, the violence of the elements and the feelings that move the human soul.”

After spending three weeks working with chocolate in class I can certainly say that I am not an artist.  Although I did identify with some of the things that Patrick touches upon:  moments of patience as you temper the chocolate- constantly checking the temperature to get it just right, the feeling of satisfaction when a piece turns out shiny and nice, and overwhelming anger when a piece breaks and you have to start all over again.  It was a three week roller coaster ride.  And what I came up with was this:

My very own chocolate masterpiece…

So while it doesn’t make a political statement, or evoke an exotic destination, hopefully it will make you giggle and really appreciate that next morsel of chocolate that you treat yourself to…