Pain aux raisins at Ble Sucre

Ever since I arrived in Paris I’ve taken it upon myself to conduct some tres important research.  In just a few months we’ll be leaving the classroom and heading to an internship at a hotel, restaurant or pastry shop in Paris.  The big question is, where should I go?  At the moment I’m very torn, but I figure, at the very least I can try to make an informed decision…

I conduct most of my research on the weekends or after school.  So imagine spending the morning in the kitchen creating something like this:

Feuille d’automne

And then spending the afternoon doing something like this:

This past Monday, Avi, Leilani, Jing Yi and I went to Georges V ( to sip tea and champagne and sample their pastry wares.

One of the many things that I love about being here is that I’m conducting research (read: hanging out) with people who love dessert as much as I do.  We have dead serious conversations about chocolat and macarons.  We compare and contrast and make estimations on who we think has the best pastries in the city.  And we laugh, sing along to tunes on the grand piano playing in the salon, and generally have a blast in the process…

Leilani about to eat a marshmallow-covered strawberry

Tomorrow I start the discussion with Chef about where he thinks I would be a good stagiaire.  Until a decision is reached (and probably even after) I will consider myself your intrepid researcher in the field.

***Additional research findings*** 

  • Most delicious madeleines:  For me this is really a tie between Ble Sucre and La Patisserie des Reves (  The madeleine at Ble Sucre is glazed with sugar and it’s very light and dreamy.  The madeleine at Patisserie des Reves is more dense and you really taste a hint of citrus.