Spend one day in the kitchen with us and you’ll hear Chef endearingly call us his “petit cochons” (translation:  little pigs).

It’s easy to put your best foot – or in this case, pastry – forward, online. The pictures that I share are mainly of the pastries that I got right (well, they’re not good enough to sell at Dalloyau, http://www.dalloyau.fr/, but generally speaking they seem to make you excited for me to come home and bake for you.)

Chaussons aux pommes, chaussons italienne…

Paris brest

But, the truth of the matter is, we are still just students.  And sometimes things go wrong: we make a mess of our pastry bags, we burn the saucepan while making creme patissiere, we pipe our eclairs too thin, fat, short, long…  you get the picture.

Phoebe with her pregnant pastry bag

I think every day I can find a new way to be a petit cochon. For example, here are some of my religieuse pastries:

You may be thinking to yourself, “not too shabby…”  But then here are some that didn’t make it:

Every night as I wash my chocolate/flour/passion fruit covered apron I have to laugh because for now, I am a petit cochon.

Oink oink.