This week on Facebook I’ve been noticing a lot of people posting graphics about their jobs, “what people think they do”, and it ends with “what I actually do” and inevitably it’s a picture of someone yelling at a computer screen.  I have a slightly different take on this idea.  Here’s what I used to do:

And here’s what I do now:

I feel so lucky to be back in school learning about patisserie!  You can usually find me with a big grin on my face because #1: I have a nifty uniform, #2 I’m learning about different kinds of butter and flour, #3 Every day I honestly believe that what we’re making is my favorite dessert to eat.

Our days typically start at 8am in the kitchen.  Chef Jamard is a patient, kind, and funny teacher.

There are eleven students in my class and they’re from all over the world:  Australia, South Africa, Germany, Taiwan, Bahrain, Israel…

This week we’ve been learning how to make tartes.  We prepare everything from the dough, to the filling to the sugared fruits to use as decorations.  First, Chef demonstrates and then we head to our stations to roll, mix, etc.

This week we’ve made many different kinds of tartes including:

tarte aux pommes

tarte aux poires

tarte citron

In addition to our pastry classes we also have French language, history, and art.  So I spent my morning doing this:

Maybe you can hear the glee in my tone?  For me, stepping away from a computer and into the wonderful land of patisserie has been magical.  Even though we work hard, and have so much to learn, I’m finding joy in every moment.  When I master the art of the tarte, I’ll be looking to share this happiness with all of you!