Do you remember that scene in Elf when Buddy takes Jovie to taste “the world’s best cup of coffee”?  Well, I did exactly that same thing when Alissa visited this weekend.  I took her to Angelina ( for the world’s BEST cup of chocolat. But unlike in Elf, this is no joke.

Angelina was established over a century ago, and today it’s an institution.  Famous Parisians like Coco Chanel could be found sitting at these very same tables.  Imagine what she discussed over chocolat and fine pastries?

For Alissa and I there was a lot of catching up to do. We laughed, we joked, and we marveled over how we’d never tasted hot chocolate so delicious.

Alissa is one of those amazing people who loves to learn and has a million fascinating stories to tell.  So we talked about her dissertation on Hobbes (discussing philosophy while in France seems like a very appropriate thing to do) and her newfound interest in DJing.  We talked about my decision to move here and delve into the world of pastry.  So who knows, if we could travel back in time, maybe we would have been good company for Coco at Angelina.

For now though, I’ll stick with great friends and chocolat in the present…

(School started this week, and I know you’re all anxious to hear more about that…  but I’m just getting used to the feel of my personalized chef’s jacket.  More on that next week.  Stay tuned!)