I love a good theme/dress up party so amid all of the packing and goodbyes, I found time to have a festive Bon Voyage party.  I asked everyone to arrive in stereotypical French attire (accordion optional.)

At the party, Fred eloquently pointed out that with cooking what you put into the oven comes out more or less the same.  But with baking you mix together ingredients, pop them into the oven and out comes a totally new creation.  This is why I’m going to Paris, to be creative in a totally new way.  To get my hands away from a keyboard and into butter and sugar.

What I’m going to miss most about Boston is my family and friends (and their dogs), but I’m so excited for the adventure that lies ahead.  Thank you to everyone who’s taught me a few words of French, who’s encouraged and supported me, and who came all dressed up last Sunday.  You will be missed… but let’s meet in Paris!